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Cape May Retirement Village

175 Cape May Dr
Wilmington,  OH 45177

Phone: (937) 382-2995

Cape May Retirement Village


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Ohio Living Cape May offers a variety of on-site housing options and health care services, plus many other features customized to your needs.

A community that can meet your changing needs …

Ohio Living Cape May is located on 27 acres of beautiful, rolling countryside, creating a perfect setting for early morning walks, gorgeous sunsets and family gatherings. And with Wilmington College only minutes away, residents enjoy attending plays, musicals, lectures and sports events. If health care is a concern, Wilmington features a world-class cancer center and hospital, both within a mile of our campus.

Ohio Living Cape May is a growing life plan community, offering single- story villa homes, apartments, assisted living and the Bridgewater Memory Care Program.

Above all, Ohio Living Cape May is people! Our success is the result of people who share a commitment to our mission to provide adults with caring and quality services toward the enhancement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being consistent with the Christian Gospel.

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Our mission is to provide adults with caring and quality services toward the enhancement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being consistent with the Christian Gospel.

Our Beliefs
Inclusiveness -- We are open to residents, clients, staff, and volunte

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